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mrsbreerobles heeft op je bericht gereageerd “I got this thing in my fanmail from thehalfofanotherhalf Once you…”

Ur too cute for words, Will, my sissy who I miss and love. ❤️


I know :3 
And gosh I missed you. I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD HAVE TOLD YOU I WAS GETTING HITCHED. why didn’t i? I was so excited and like I didn’t even really tell anyone. Except like. Close family and sheesh. Drama. But yes. I love you so much and eeee. I want to huggle you!!! :3

aahaaha Aww you had no obligation to tell me xD BUT OMG CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope you’re happy, I really just want everyone to be happy! You can always skype me! :3 ALWAYS. I might be in school, or asleep, but I’ll always reply when able! :D We can talk more!!! <3

mrsbreerobles heeft op je bericht gereageerd “I got this thing in my fanmail from thehalfofanotherhalf Once you…”

Ur too cute for words, Will, my sissy who I miss and love. ❤️


I got this thing in my fanmail from thehalfofanotherhalf

Once you get this you have to say 5 thing you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable)

So here we go:

1. I can see my art improving, even if it’s a LONg way away from where I want it.

2. I am learning to socialize easier.

3. Bouts of depression have become less frequent, and I’m proud of the fact that I have been the one getting myself out of it.

4. I like my hands for some reason idk

5. I laugh about myself at least once a day, and I don’t care if people laugh with me or not. As long as I’m having fun and I’m not hurting anyone, who cares?


Short haired Sasuke is love. Short haired Sasuke is life.

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         “…It may have skipped your notice, Sasuke, but you don’t always get what you want. And this time, I’ll ENSURE it…”

Obsidian depths settled on the  boy. He was a damned nuisance, and too bright to even bear. Still, his icy gaze stayed pinned on him.

"—And what, pray tell, is it that I want?"


Have some flower crown Team Avatar to cheer you up after that last season of Korra!


Here’s my second print to go with my chocobo one… I didn’t get as much done this summer as I thought I would, but I think the stuff I did get to came out really well!


On another note.. if you know we had a thread (that I owe) and you would like to continue it, you should like this, because my drafts are empty, and usually I have a shitload to pick from when I finally have the motivation to write for Sasuke again? So.. yeah

If I owe you, like. (or send me the link?)

brewskie-babe whispered: "You know I'm no good at turning people down. Besides, I don't want to break the poor guy's heart. It'd just be like one date anyways. What could be the harm?" she mused. Reaching down, she grabbed her backpack and adjusted it. "C'mon Sasuke-kun, I don't want to get a bad seat in class."
"Ptsh, break his heart? Please, he’ll get over it, first hot piece of ass that walks by and that’s his new admiration.." These were not his words. But it expressed it well enough. Harm was, he could hurt her, and he’d be left picking up the pieces.

He groans for the fact that they have to leave and reluctantly grabs his bag, throwing it over his shoulder. "All seats are bad seats.. They’re. in. School."

Anonymous whispered: i cant not read your url as 'i am sharing an sasuke' it hurts my logic so much.


iamsharingansasuke whispered: That was enough to have him snort. 'Kind'.. Sure. Whatever he liked to believe. He swallowed when the weird sensation of sand near caressing his throat came to him, well.. That was interesting. He hadn't underestimated Gaara's murderous intent then.. He hadn't thought he had he felt he could read Gaara. He focuses his attention on him, instead of his probably imminent death. "Because I wanted to." Which.. Honestly, had caught him by surprise just as much as his actions must have Gaara.




      It seems— The inescapable itch to hang the Uchiha by his frail, little neck momentarily ceases. Ultimately, an attitude problem that overshadows his own——— Gaara reminds himself to find patience for his own sake.

                    Such attempts were so bleak.

        With the Raven at his feet, without much warning— The elbow of the Demon comes biting down on his supple throat. Arm pressed to his neck, it’s Sasuke’s turn to be thrown against a wall.

          In comparison to his gourd————

                       Sasuke was weightless.

         He presses harder, hoping to cut of precious air for the boy.

                                            “—You’re walking on thin ice, Uchiha.”

                    Leaning close, and ultimately, a dominating nature naturally radiates from his being. Breath heated, lips inch close. So close, and yet— So far away. The arm presses harder against Sasuke’s lovely little windpipe.

           “—If you care for me I suggest you don’t.

                                         Teeth graze to an earlobe, and a final heated breath, before he at last, gives the Uchiha the opportunity to breathe. He steps back, and merely waits.

An arm at his throat. M a r v e l o u s. He swallows thickly, which proves difficult with Gaara pressing so insistently onto his windpipe. The redhead’s threats however, don’t do much. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t need air.

His hands come up to claw at Gaara’s arm, his face contorted in a snarl. If Gaara wants him to reply to anything he said, he should consider relenting a little. But he didn’t. Quite the opposite. Sasuke gagged and was thinking of kneeing Gaara in the stomach to free himself, but it seemed he was already stepping back. "Who mentioned ‘care’?!" He exclaimed, his voice strained, but indignant. Once more, he was reaching for his abused throat. Him kissing him had naught to do with him bearing any kind of affection for him. "We are alike." He simply says, as if it was incredibly obvious. His twisted mind had contorted the idea that if he was going to indulge these feelings. This weird ‘want’ he’d been feeling, he’d better indulge them with someone with the same messed up mind-set he possessed.

    A wintry gaze that refuses to waver— At the other’s reasoning, admittedly, Gaara’s back seems to straighten upwards in almost surprise. Cold, but curious sights remain on his form, and with the answer—— Gaara doesn’t seem interested in abandoning this guy quite yet.


               He steps forward, and with each step— The air between them grew thicker. Pale sights drag down to the rose-tinted marks upon the expanse of a tender neck, and with eyes half-lidded, thoughts seem to slowly run by.

                                    As if… considering something…

                  “..I see.”

    Thoughts of all shapes and sizes, it seems— Gaara’s speech struggles to follow correctly. However, with a gaze returning back to Sasuke’s— an agreement is reached, as the Demon hones in. The air grows thicker, and as a means of gentle support, fingers lift his chin with faux care. Tight breaths beat upon the Raven’s skin.. And it is now, the Vessel utters,

                                “—I expect this level of care to remain stable.

                          Begin feeling affections for me, and I will not hesitate to kill you.”

             And then, the gap closes— Powerful, and relentless.. Animalistic, and oh-so-primal, Gaara’s lips crash to the other’s, as a small means of humour.

Just as cool a gaze -although the eyes being a dark onyx, instead of a cool mint- regards the other as he lets his fingers glide over his skin, where he knew the marks must be. He sees the slight change, the adjustment to the amount of desire to rip him apart. Interesting, almost satisfying to see something else in that attitude than bloodlust.

Even so, when Gaara begins moving forward, Sasuke is on edge. The way he looked at him was a different kind of hungry than he was used to receiving from such a person as Gaara. {Person} .. Hah.

Fingers lifting his chin warrants an uneasy feeling to settle. He dislikes it, but then the anticipation of where this was going trumped that. If only just.

Why was it that whenever this boy opened his mouth, he had the almost irrepressible urge to roll his eyes. He stares at the other, unimpressed. "Tch. As if." He wasn’t about to insinuate that Gaara would do the same, he didn’t believe him capable of such a thing anyway. He would probably say more, but Gaara takes him by surprise then.



Nothing he’s used to.. Nothing.. At all. Relinquishing control. He can’t do that, so when he finally reciprocates, he bites back with a vengeance, quite literally setting his teeth in Gaara’s lip. This sure doesn’t help that feeling he’d been trying to subdue though, swirling in his lower stomach hotly. How annoying. He pushes off the wall, clawing at Gaara’s collar, having not the slightest idea where he was going with this, nor what otherwise to do with his hands.

How strange a feeling.

To feel a l i v e.


Getting f*ckd…damn.

sharingays whispered: *shifty eyes* Sasuke with long hair. Sasuke refusing to cut his long hair. Naruto brushing Sasuke's long hair. NARUTO PULLING SAID LONG HAIR WHILE BANGING SASUKE.



I’ll save that last one for later B)

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