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Past Melodies ||
Sasuke turned his back on him, and Naruto expected that to be the end of the conversation. He’d never managed to talk the Uchiha into compliance before, and had no reason to believe that this time would be any different.

So, as the silence stretched on between them, broken only by the sounds of Sasuke cooking, Naruto began to idly drum his fingers against the line of his jaw. He was disappointed, yes, but not overly surprised at Sasuke’s need to keep his personal life personal. The Uchiha had…. well, he’d gone through a lot, and the fact that he’d told Naruto what he’d told him was enough.

A small smile graced Naruto’s lips, and his fingers silently tapped out the tune he’d heard only a few minutes before. They stilled, however, when the soft murmur of Sasuke’s voice once again drifted through the otherwise silent kitchen.

“I still imagine your touch. It’s beautiful missing something that much…”

Slowly, Naruto lifted his head, and lowered his hands gently. The pads of his fingers felt warm against the linoleum of the breakfast tabletop, and his blue eyes watched the Uchiha’s back avidly, as though barely daring to believe what the other was doing.

“But sometimes love needs a fighting chance. So I’ll wait my turn until it’s our turn to dance.”

He barely breathed until the other had finished, not wanting to disturb him. Not wanting to break the spell, nor wanting to disrespect the Uchiha when he was, reluctantly, allowing Naruto an insight to his childhood.

The wooden spoon clipped the side of the pot, and the sound of it jerked Naruto back into whatever consciousness he’d apparently left. “That was- that’s…” What did he even say though? ‘Thanks for singing that song Sasuke; i feel like i know you better already!’?? A pink tongue flit out to wet his chapped lips, and Naruto’s fingers began to absently drum against the tabletop again. It was more than just the song. It was the importance of it that struck a chord within the blond. This song was an important part of Sasuke’s childhood; so much so that he’d remembered every word years after he’d heard it last. The raven’s childhood was a private matter he’d kept to himself even before the deaths of his family, and even as his best friend Naruto knew shockingly little. And Naruto had accepted that.

But, if only a little…. the blond felt as though he’d been let in. He’d been given something that nobody else had ever seen. Sasuke had trusted him with the words his mother had told him, even though he so clearly still clutched them to his own heart.

Naruto exhaled, and it sounded loud in the silence of the room.

“…Thank you.”

He knew Sasuke would understand.

Singing the song now was different. Sasuke was acutely aware the other’s presence in the room and was thus singing with a semblance of self-consciousness. Every note, every articulated word, he was aware of listening ears. First when singing this, it had only been a tune, a memory played out in sound, he hadn’t really been paying attention to what he was doing, but he found that he indeed remembered all the words.

He stared into the pot, having no reason other than a distraction to keep stirring. It was weird how silent it could sometimes be around here, and he was confronted with this fact again when his voice died down. Of course the relative silence was almost deafening, since only seconds ago, there’d been song.

he had expected Naruto to say something. Actually, he’d expected him to say a lot, but it seemed the other was having trouble finding words. Sasuke watched bubbles coming up in the stew.

When Naruto thanked him, he visibly started, tensing only slightly for a moment. When he relaxed again, he shrugged. He didn’t know if Naruto was even watching him. But he probably was.

"Hn. Whatever.." he mutters in answer, though they both know that it isn’t 'whatever' at all. Sasuke drops the spoon in the pot with a metallic thud and grabs for the handle. He’s burning himself, and he should have been faster releasing his grip, but he hardly cares, perhaps it had felt like fire in his fingertips, and that wasn’t something he was a stranger to. Yet fire burns.. And it doesn’t always work the way you want it to. He only curses under his breath. Looking down at his hand, he can see a blister forming, angry and red. Without any further acknowledgement to his momentary fit of dimwittedness, he grabs a towel and uses it to pick up the pot again, which he moves to the kitchen-table.

"Dinner’s ready." Dinner, in this instance, is hotpot with pork and yes, Naruto, vegetables. Sasuke sat down, and sighed, remembering that he’d forgotten plates and cutlery. God, casual life was hard.


『25 Lives』 by Tongari ()

gonnabehokage whispered: "Sing again."





It shouldn’t have shocked him this much that Naruto had heard him. They were living together after all.

It hadn’t, in any way, been a happy song, instead it sounded more like the songs civilian wives would sing, waiting for the soldiers to come home. It was a ballad he’d heard his mother often sing. Not because she’d been miserable or waiting, but because she simply liked it. Sasuke however, was singing it for the sentimental value.

“And I sleep alone.

I cry alone.

And it’s so hard livin’ here on my own. So please, come home soon.

Come home soon..

I know that we’re together.

Even though we’re far apart.

And I’ll wear our lucky penny ‘round my neck.

Pressed to my heart.”

He glanced over his shoulder at the blond, then back at the vegetables he was cutting. With a sigh he shook his head. "I didn’t know you were listening." He might as well have said he wouldn’t have sung if he’d known..

"Oh." For someone known far and wide to be an unstoppable chatterbox, it was amusing how easily Sasuke could strike Naruto silent. The blond stood in the doorway, seemingly enchanted enough to leave his room but cautious enough of Sasuke’s space to enter the kitchen, with his arms loosely crossed and his shoulder pressed ever so slightly against the door frame. He wasn’t sure what to say to that. He’d never had a mother to sing songs for him to remember, after all. Did Sasuke miss her? He must; she was his mother, after all. 

"Is there any more to it?" Finally breaking whatever spell he was under, the Uzumaki stepped into the kitchen, but moved to sit on one of the chairs at the small table instead of standing beside the other. He watched as Sasuke finished cutting up the vegetables and pushed them into the pan, not even bothering to ask what he was cooking. It was vegetables. He’d eat them to shut the other up after half an hour of arguing, and the cycle would repeat itself come breakfast. 

How come Sasuke could only ever manage to do that when he wasn’t trying to though? Countless of times he had wanted to shut the blond up and no tried act would prevail.. 

Sasuke just stares at Naruto, actually wondering what went on in his head. He could tell he wasn’t exactly thinking anything joyous. He had that serious look about him. One that Sasuke had sorely needed to get used to, but he acted as if he was celebrating it, in the guise of having him ‘grow up’.

"More..?" He frowned. "What do you mean? — It’s a war song my mother sang in a time of relevant peace. It’s sappy and motherly. I heard it a lot around the time I was five or six. That’s it.." What more was there? It was a sad song, a ballad, and— Oh. He meant words, Sasuke realized. 

The frown stayed.

"Hn. Yes, it has another verse." That didn’t mean that he was about to sing it to Naruto. He had no desire to sing knowing someone was listening. He knew, however, that it was hard to take Naruto’s mind off something once he’d gotten it set.

"You remembered a song for that long?" Genuinely impressed, the blond leaned forwards, elbows pressed to the table and whiskered cheeks resting between his palms. His ankles crossed beneath the chair, signifying that the Uzumaki wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. At least, not until he’d heard the rest of that song. Sasuke’s singing voice was pretty decent, and, well…. it was nice to hear someone singing in his kitchen while they prepared food. It made his home seem a little bit more alive, and Naruto never thought he’d see the day when there was someone else in his house making casual noise. 

"Do you remember the rest of it?" Though it wasn’t very subtle, it was at least more polite than asking Sasuke to finish the song outright. The Uchiha wasn’t the sort of person to really share precious memories like that, preferring to keep them to himself for whatever reasons. Best friends they may be, but Naruto quite often found that his knowledge on Sasuke’s personal life was painfully limited. Less now that they were living together, but the past was the past, and the Uchiha was surprisingly good at keeping it that way. 

Well, now, at least. 


If anything crept in the crevices of your mind, waiting to just jump out at whatever an inconvenient time, however long ago you’ve heard them, it were songs from your childhood. It might not have been the itsy bitsy spider kind of song, but young minds often save these things. It had been his mother singing it, so that only strengthened the need to remember.

He set the fire low, knowing that Naruto would not relent unless he got what he asked for. "Most of it," he says. It is obvious from his tone of voice that he is not feeling very inclined to sing it for the blond, still, he turns his back on him, stirring the vegetables in their pan.

There was a reason to his keeping his private life to himself. Memories were all he really had left, and for some childish, selfish reason, he didn’t want to share. Besides, there was little reason for Naruto to get information on his parents, or his brother, or his life before the massacre happened. It was the past, and it wasn’t coming back.

When it had stayed silent for a long time, he sighed, pretending Naruto wasn’t in the room, and started humming.

"I still imagine your touch. It’s beautiful missing something that much. But sometimes love needs a fighting chance. So I’ll wait my turn until it’s our turn to dance.

I wonder, I pray

I sleep alone, I cry alone, Without you this house is not a home. So please, come home soon.

I walk alone, I try alone, I’ll wait for you, don’t want to die alone. So please, come home soon.

Come home soon. Come home soon.”

His voice slowly died down, and he simply kept stirring the pot. He was just waiting for Naruto to say something about it.


will sasuke’s black eyes ever return from the war


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Male fox reacting to seeing a female fox.

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My biggest fear

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i actually like asshole couples best like the couples that pick on each other so much and call each other names but it’s okay because you know they’re actually totally in love and none of it is meant in a mean way and every insult is punctuated by a sweet comment to remind the other how much they actually adore them and i’m sorry but there isn’t anything cuter ok

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If It's with him...

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Kakashi vs. Itachi
girl: come over
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Keep your eyes on the prize, Naruto.